The first, and only, professional association for traditional and indigenous birth and postpartum care - designed to support your growth through community, resources, & appropriation-free education.



A nurturing and private community for birthworkers and healers using traditional and indigenous care.

The space for birth professionals who want supportive community,  and education rooted in traditional practices.


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What if you could access everything you need to connect with trusted elders, grow, and scale your skills and offerings to serve more folks…

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and even time each month to reset, meditate, and create community...

All in ONE place?

Community Rooted In The Power of Tradition.


Just as parents weren’t meant to raise children alone, the keepers of knowledge should be learning, sharing, and growing together...


If you are new to the world of traditional an indigenous practices used to care for families before, during and after birth, you are in for growth, community, and new gateways to really nurture the families that you serve.


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The Traditional Birth Association (TBA) is changing how we uplift the community of service providers all over the globe.


Keep our traditions and new families all over the world thriving!

 The Question You May Have Is Why Now? 

Parent and families more than ever need postpartum caregivers and birth attendants that can offer practical, safe, and traditional support, as many are searching for more family centered care, that is often rooted in traditions that have been used for thousands of years.



This Is Especially Important For Birthworkers and All Who Service Families in The Early Years.


For Years, What Many of You Have Known To Be The Key To Caring For Families Using Age-Old Wisdom Was Considered Fringe, Or Too “Out There”.  Now That Science Has Caught Up With What Grandmas Have Been Saying For Decades, There Is a Deficit of Those That Can Meet The Demands Of Providing Traditional Birth and Postpartum Care. 



The Reality  is that so many of us spend our time spinning our wheels signing up for EVERY training under the sun, when what we really need is a community of other professionals committed to sharing this knowledge and growing the network of folks like yourselves who believe families deserve to get rooted in this type of care . 



Now the key is finding the right village that has a mix of elders, experienced practitioners, and supportive community members with the solutions that are best for the families you serve.



Which is exactly where the Traditional Birth Association (TBA) comes into place. I've spent the last 20 years in thousands of parents homes just like yours guiding parents during this early years. I know what works, and can help you find something that works for you.



By joining this curated  virtual community, classroom, and networking  space with a simple purpose:


To Support Birthworkers, Healers, and Bodyworkers That Support New Families Using Traditional Practices!



We have an important message for you about the #1 thing that is missing from your traditional birth or wellness business!




Take it from two women in the field with over 20 years experience providing care and healing to families.


Both mothers of three children and who have lived with their families in Morocco, USA, Dubai, UK, France, Vietnam, and Thailand being steeped in the knowledge from elders all over the globe.




Layla B. and Brandi Jordan are on a mission to bring all of us together. To keep traditions alive.



To keep us rooted in our indigenous knowledge. To serve families with the wisdom that allows them to heal and thrive.



Are you looking to learn more for your families through continuous education, and doing what you can to connect with other cultures and traditions online.



Grabbing a few recipes here and there, and learning about traditions that you find that might be helpful for yourself and your clients through books and and what you read on the internet (that only shows your commitment to this work!)



The problem with this type of learning is that it is like playing the telephone game and some nuances of culture are lost in translations.


We might garner some great ideas and even rituals that do provide our families with the type of nurturing care they need, but what happens when we don’t learn from the source, or get bits and pieces of rituals?



We lose the whole story of a culture.



We lose the energy and reverence for the meaning that each culture holds for these traditions.


So how does one get this knowledge, without spending thousands of dollars traveling the world or investing more money each month on courses and training, that for many that are out of reach?


Fortunately, we have curated a solution to creating the nurturing professional space, while still being able to increase our knowledge and understanding of traditional idea and techniques, that is also accessible to all!


Imagine A Space That Ticks All Of Your Boxes:


 Serve Families Better.


Learn From Experts Around The World.


At A Price That Everyone Can Afford.




You’ll have your personal “traditional board of directors” comprised of  global experts in the field of conception, fertility, birth, postpartum, mental health, bodywork, and energy healing.




Sounds Too Good To Be True? Keep Reading, it isn't. 


 A Community Where Indigenous And Ancestral Knowledge Is Centered...


Founding Members Rates 

$37 Standard Membership (everything you need, nothing you don’t)

$47VIP Membership (everything in our standard membership + live access to our global experts and elders at Q&A sessions and private events)


(All memberships are a 3-month Commitment paid monthly)

Traditional Birth Association

Our Features

  • Curated Content Library

    Holistic and traditional trainings and resources will all be organized and stored in our private Facebook group.

  • Inclusive Community

    We built this for birth and postnatal professionals from all over the globe and everyone is welcome. Monthly Networking mixers that starts with a mindset meditation 

  • Mini Courses+ Q&A

    Once monthly unlock mini-courses facilitated by global experts and a chance to be steeped in ancestral wisdom!

  • Guest Expert Masterclasses

    Once monthly join experts in their field as they share tips, & tricks for professionals. Enhance your skillset with ongoing continuing education.

  • VIP Member Events

    Once monthly private networking and business coaching that promotes marketing with integrity for heart-centered entrepreneurs. Discounts to events not hosted by TBA. Private Q&A sessions with guest experts. Once monthly business sessions.

  • Weekly Discussion Threads

    Every week we open up dedicated threads to discuss traditional care techniques and rituals. Filled with global expert advice and not just opinions!

After over a decade of training doulas, newborn care specialists, and lactation consultants we see that now more than ever clients are looking for professionals in our field that can provide them with the kind of care rooted care that heals the body and the spirit.




Caregivers have also been asking  us for  a way to get the techniques that we’ve used with  thousands of our private clients. We’ve found a way that allows us to bring our teachers and elders to the table, and support our industry as well.


So that is when we decided to create an association to help all of you who understand that most of the needs of our clients can be met with the natural remedies of plants, touch, and nature that our ancestors understood. 


450 years ago, each and every one of our ancestors had their own medicine.


Let’s reconnect in real time to that ancestral medicine.


The Founders

Travel-obsessed birth professionals  who are committed to healing that is rooted in ancestral wisdom.


Layla B.

السلام عليكم
May Peace Be Upon You
أنا ليلى ب
A multi-passionate/multidimensional & multifaceted entrepreneur .
Author, Change-Maker & Philanthropist. A kindred traditional soul, with a modern creative edge, seeking my own spiritual journey.
She has 2 key passions which are also her online businesses: Reviving, reclaiming and restoring women’s Ancestral Healing, inspired by my beloved homeland, Morocco. She is the author of Revive Reclaim Restore, selling over 300+ books in 2 days to over 30 countries, founder of The Nafsa Project School, the first online traditional postpartum training school teaching Moroccan postpartum rituals and closing of the bones, founder of the Sacred Postpartum summit and the Tribal Sisterhood Retreat in Morocco.


Brandi Jordan

Has been a birthworker for over two decades and strives to enhance the industry and promote nurturing new families using ancestral care. Brandi has a B.A. in Child Development and a Master's in Social Work from USC. She is a board certified Lactation Consultant and is committed to improving breastfeeding experiences for families. She is founder of the National Association for Birth Workers of Color, and serves families all over the globe with her Birth and Postpartum Agency The Cradle Company, established in 2008 in Los Angeles. She has personally supported 1000+ families over the past 20 years. Brandi Currently lives between the South of France, and Los Angeles with her husband and three children.

Membership Tiers

(All membership levels have a  3-month commitment)


Community and Expert Advice



(3-month commitment)

1x Monthly Live Masterclass/Knowledge Share with a guest lecturer

Weekly Hot topic discussion 

1x Monthly Unlock A Traditional or Indigenous Mini-Course or Training

Curated Library Looking for an answer or a resource? Just ask and we will add it to our library space. 

NetworkingMonthly Mixer And Mindset meditation.


Professionals who want a Curated and intimate experience designed to support their professional endeavors and gain more access to industry leaders and elders.



(3-month commitment)

TBA Business School A once a month circle to discuss current trends and get group coaching  and training with business experts.

Private Q&A Once a month an intimate chat with our mini-course creators to ask your questions and get steeped in knowledge.

Special Pricing On live events, private coaching and support from founders and other experts.

Everything Included in our Standard membership is at your fingertips.

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For less than a few trips to Starbucks you can invest in yourself, your community, and our collective traditions.


You will also be helping to ensure there is a platform for these keepers of wisdom, free from appropriation and co-opting.

How does this membership work?

Our membership model is simple. We require a 3-month commitment in order to lock in your founding members rate. It's also important that we commit to paying our teachers and healers, and this simply can't be done in only 30 days. After that it is on a month-to-month basis. If you are unhappy within 30 days of joining, we will cancel your membership. That's it!

Who is this membership for?

I'm in several free groups on Facebook for birth or postpartum how is this different?

Does this group have a specific philosophy of birthing and parenting?

Are there rules in this group I should be aware of?

Am I allowed to promote my services and trainings?

How does the VIP membership work?

  • First Tuesday of every month:

    LIVE knowledge share with a Guest Speaker + Q&A (recording will be available). Held in our private Facebook Group.)

  • Third Saturday of every month:

    Unlock access to our recorded implementable mini-corse with a traditional/indigenous expert. With access to recordings for as long as you are a member. Access will be provided to our privately hosted members area.

  • Third Wednesday of every month:

    LIVE Mindset, Movement Meditation & Networking session. This will not be recorded as we will encourage everyone to show up and meet with our global network of providers! Via the zoom platform.

  • Last Wednesday of every month:

    Live Q&A session with the expert from our monthly mini course; recorded and held on the zoom platform {VIP members only}

  • Last Monday of every month:

    LIVE TBA Business School group coaching and training provided by industry experts in the field of marketing, soul-centered messaging, client acquisition, program design, and the list goes on and on! Held on the zoom platform with access to recording. {VIP members only}